Description Wig 3108; Goods: women's wig; Model: ZIZI HH MONO; Color: 122; Size: 53 - 58 cm; Basis: Monofilament (imitation of the scalp) on the parietal part, behind the tress; Short hair wig with bangs; Hair: natural, high quality, elastic, silky; Bangs Length: 9 cm; Hair length: first 12 cm, total 26 cm; You can change the parting direction, do different styling (when laying, you can use a hairdryer, curling iron, ironing); We can make such a model of a wig by individual standards, handmade from natural hair.

Color: blonde

Item Type: woman

Material: type European Hair

Student Account
Предоставляется для создания учебных проектов. Не предназначен для коммерческого использования
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